Easter And Making Fond Family Memories

Have you already have plans for how you will celebrate Easter this year? If not, it would be great to think about how to celebrate this holiday. Family traditions for this holiday can be a lot of fun! Also your children will have fond memories of Easter as they grow up.

Spring Flowers

Easter can also be one of the most special holidays’ to spend quality time with the family.
If you take a second to think about your childhood, you will notice that some of your favorite memories are family traditions. Easter traditions can be one of the best and a most special for a childhood memory. Aside from the biggest holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas Easter is right up there!

Baking with your Children
Your little ones will definitely enjoy helping out in the kitchen and they’ll be excited to see what else you can bake for the holiday. For more Easter treats, try out these Easter Sunday recipes.

Easter Sweet Treats

Cooking with your children is one of the best memories you can share together, so bring out your aprons, baking tools, and mixing bowls this Easter. Bake bunny-shaped cakes or try a sugar cookie recipe if you prefer to keep things simple. For these, you can use a bunny-shaped cookie cutter then top them with vanilla glaze to add flavor.

Make A Beautiful Easter Garden as a Family

Easter is all about renewal; and it is a time to say goodbye to winter. You can follow a regional gardening guide to know which types of flowers, plants, trees, fruit, and vegetables you can grow during the season.
Why not celebrate the arrival of spring by planting flowers such as marigolds and petunias with your children?

Have Easter Movie Time Together
Family movies are a wonderful way to spend the holidays together and these also make for some of the best and most cherished memories. Browse online to pick a few Easter movies; some of the all-time favorites include The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and The First Easter Rabbit. After watching these, you can talk about the story with the whole family over a delicious Easter feast.

Dyeing Eggs for Easter

Annual Easter Family Picture Great Memories
Then once you’ve taken several photos throughout the years, look at each of these with the family to see how much everyone has grown and what changes have taken place as time passed. It’s another way to reminisce, as well as to spend quality time with the family.

Some children may not really enjoy this, but one of the best things to do every Easter is to take a family photo since these make special memories that even your grandchildren can see in the future. Every year, capture a photo of each member or of the family during your Easter celebration.

Fun Easter Celebration

Dye Eggs and Capture Each Moment on Video or Camera
Dyeing eggs is one of the Easter activities that children will treasure the most. Prepare some natural dye and herbs for decorating the eggs; be sure to capture each moment by setting up a video camera in the corner of the room to record everyone dyeing Easter eggs. After a few years, you can gather your collection of Easter videos and edit them into a home movie that shows each of your yearly egg-dyeing activities.

The Chronicles of Narnia
Make Easter Baskets with Your Family
The tradition of creating Easter baskets dates back from hundreds of years ago. Let your little ones have fun by making their own Easter baskets; siblings can make Easter baskets for each other to help them learn about each other’s likes and dislikes while also applying generosity into their lives. However, if you only have one child, you can let him or her create an Easter basket for him / herself, or other members of the family. Before your children start filling their Easter baskets with candies, chocolates, and other sweets, give them other options such as toys and trinkets. These kinds of gifts will be some things that your little ones will enjoy while keeping them healthy. To help your children gain inspiration, you can also browse online for Easter basket ideas.

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