How You Can Avoid Alcohol Problems in Teens As A Family

This is the time when you can see your child turning into a young adult. They are starting to make good decisions on their own. However, there will be times when teenagers become curious and will experiment with things that can cause them to be in danger. One of the things that adolescents usually try is drinking. This becomes more common as they get older.

Raising adolescents is one of the most fulfilling times of our lives. It can also be one of the toughest experiences about parenting. Research has shown that 60% of eighteen-year-old teenagers have indulged in alcohol at least once and one out of ten of these adolescents binge drank. In fact, around 1.4 million have reported binge drinking for at least five times a month.

Binge drinking, especially among teenagers whose brains are still undergoing development, can increase the risk of severe injuries and even death. Alcohol is the cause of death for 4,500 young adults yearly.
Around 200,000 patients are sent to the emergency room due to alcohol-related injuries. Alcohol affects the developing brain of adolescents; which can cause changes in their cognitive and learning functions. This will make them more prone to alcohol dependence in the future.

Below are some ways to avoid alcohol problems in your teens:

Check Your Own Alcohol Consumption and Use Moderation Always

If you drink more than the weekly alcohol unit guidelines; which are (14 units a week for both males and females) you might want to take a close look at this habit.


As we all know, parents are children’s first role models so they will do as we do not as we say. So if you want your children to avoid drinking at a young age, you must look at your own drinking habits and make changes if you drink more than most.

It is not good for your health and it could set a bad example for your children. Besides the amount, when they see you drink to relieve stress, calm yourself down when upset, or to celebrate success, your children will see that alcohol is the answer to everything.

Teach Your Teens How to Say No to Alcohol
People need to know that declining an offer of alcohol, or anything that can be harmful, does not mean they are rejecting a friend or being rude. Saying no to alcohol means that they are looking after their well-being. Being assertive is one of the things that you can teach your children that will help them decline peers when they are pressured to do something unsafe such as drinking.


The best way to learn this is to talk things through with them. Help your children practice how to turn things down especially when they have the right to refuse. Another way to teach them is by demonstrating assertive behavior in social situations.

Resolve Issues at Home by Talking it out Together or with a Therapist
Personal and family issues can greatly affect your children. These family squabbles and violence can influence your teens to start drinking. To resolve family problems; seek help from family counselors or professionals who can help you with divorce, substance abuse, and more.

Start to Know Your Children’s Friends
They will not let you know where they are and what time they will be home since they want privacy and independence. On the other hand, if you offer them the chance to invite their friends over you may be surprised at how enthusiastic they can be. Welcome their friends but give them the chance to spend their time without you as well; you can always check them out just to see if they are okay.

Welcoming your children’s friends is one of the important things to do. You can also earn their trust. This will also allow you to know more about your children’s friends and the people they spend time with. If they see that you do not welcome their friends and that you do not trust them, they may end up not letting you know about whom they spend their time with.

Let Your Teens Know about the Science of Alcohol
Check statistics; educate your children how alcohol can affect the brain and the body. Do research and be aware of the warning signs of teens drinking alcohol and taking drugs; also make plans to seek professional help if needed.

Do not Make Alcohol the Solution to Boredom Have Fun
Drinking with friends usually happens when teenagers are bored and have nothing else to do. However, if you keep them busy with something interesting and exciting such as reading and playing games, or engaging in sports, they will not experience boredom and resort to drinking.

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