November 9, 2016

Original Copter Toy Store

Buy Original Copter Toys at and The Whistle Copter Has a Patent and Whistles on the Way Up!

1. Best quality Wings that Will not Break and create the Highest Flights and the Longest Float Times

2. Brighter LED light and Higher Quality Batteries than other brands

3. Most important all Our Packages either four or three packs have different colored Led Copters in each with their own unique wing design for Added Pleasure. Whistle Copter and Original Copter have Wing Designs that companies like to imitate or copy!!!

4. We have the most exact Folding Lines for longer Float Times, having a straight fold at the top to help slow the spin and hover longer and a slant at the bottom at the perfect angle!

5. Very Very unique Packaging! No one can compete !