President’s Day is Great for Family Celebrations

President’s Day is not just an ordinary day off from school. In fact, it’s one of the important holidays in the United States because it’s the time to celebrate two of the country’s most influential presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  Since the day is now for every president of the United States, here are some ideas that you might want to let your little ones know about Presidents Day.

All About the President


Originally, the holiday was known as Washington’s Birthday. Later, the name of the holiday was changed to Presidents’ Day. In the past years, people celebrated the birthday of these two prominent leaders of the country. Today, it’s a great time to teach children about the country’s presidents and how they can be honoured.

Stuffed Teddy





Sew a Teddy Bear

If you enjoy crafting with your little ones, then sewing might be fun for your family as well. Since most people know that the love for teddy came from Abraham Lincoln’s story. When he went on a hunting trip, he refused to shoot a small cub and since the story was reported by the media, a manufacturer began producing a million teddy bears in 1907. Today, a quarter of a million teddy bears are sold each year.

Toilet Roll Cores for Crafts

Sewing a teddy bear is easier than you think. All you need is sewing materials, fibrefill, and fabric; you can either buy a yard of fabric or use an old shirt. All you have to do is draw a bear shape on the fabric, cut this out and sew the cut pieces of fabric together. Leave a small opening so it can be stuffed with fibrefill. Once the bear is stuffed, sew the gap securely then proceed to designing the face.


Joyful Little Girl



Remembering the Country’s Leaders

A fun way to celebrate President’s Day is by making your little ones remember the past presidents. Aside from learning about the country’s history, you also help your children improve their memory. Teach them various ways to remember the president’s name – sing a song, write all of their names down, you might listen to music while remembering the presidents.


Another technique is chunking or taking the first letter of the items to memorize. The clues might help your little ones remember the presidents.


Guitar for Music


Let your Children’s Voices be Heard

This may be surprising for some, but you can let your little ones communicate with the White House. Let your children know that they can voice out what they feel about the current situation and their hopes for the future by delivering their message to the current president, vice president, or first lady. A letter can be sent through the US Mail, via e-mail, or by sending them a tweet. Just be sure to follow the guidelines of the White House so their messages can reach the addressed person. This activity helps your little ones build their self-confidence while also improving their writing and communication skills.


Happy President's Day from Whistlecopter!



Make Figurines of Presidents Using Toilet Roll Cores

Don’t know what to do with the cores of toilet rolls once they’re empty? Grab them together with various art materials, and have a craft session with your little ones. Encourage them to show their creativity by designing figurines of the country’s presidents. You could either make one for each president on this day or start a collection by making one or two each year.


The Whistlecopter Toy

Learn More about the History of the USA Presidents

The history of the previous presidents of the United States can be found everywhere – search for it online, go to a public library to read books, visit a museum, and more. Usually, museums are closed on Mondays, but some are open to the public during this holiday. In these institutions, you will find a variety of exhibits that will help your little ones learn more about the country’s former leaders.


Those in the East coast can visit local landmarks or schedule a day trip to commemorate the civil war, the Revolutionary War, and the abolition of slavery. Birthplaces of presidents, national landmarks, and national parks also tell great presidential stories






Play with the Whistlecopter

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