Prevent Weight Gain During & After the Holidays

The holidays come really quickly once November begins; it starts with Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas and New Year. During these times of the year, there are many temptations. Along with these, you can also encounter holiday stress and the cold weather can make you feel lazier. Regardless of the disagreement between various conducted researches, these are the main reasons why weight gain is common during the holidays. This is the reason why we all have to be mindful when we eat.


Here, we will be sharing tips on how you can prevent weight gain after the holidays. Some of these tips also include the things you can do for future occasions to avoid gaining extra weight when celebrating the holidays.

During the holidays, there are different kinds of food that aren’t available during other times of the year. This is why a lot of people enjoy eating during the holidays. However, it is still important to maintain your health.


Take Your Time During Meals
The holiday season comes with back-to-back parties and opportunities for bad eating habits. When eating, be mindful and take your time. Avoid gobbling meals all at once and instead, eat slowly. This will give your stomach a chance to properly digest food and also communicate with your brain. This will let you easily know if you’re already full. This allows you to eat less and enjoy each and every bite of your meal. Don’t go and get additional food before even giving your body the chance to digest what you’ve just eaten. From there, you will be easily tell if you are really experiencing hunger or just the desire for more food.


Keep Yourself Hydrated
Always have a glass or bottle of water with you to stay hydrated. This helps feel fuller, which results in consuming less calories. A lot of people can’t tell if their body is feeling thirst or hunger, so always take a glass of water before munching on snacks or grabbing another piece of bread.


Never go to a Party with an Empty Stomach
Before going to a holiday party, be sure to eat some healthy snacks such as fat-free yoghurt, your favourite fruit, nuts, or a whole grain granola bar. This is to prevent binge eating when the party starts. If there will be a potluck dinner, bring something healthy to share such as low-fat pudding, a vegetable or fruit tray, salad, or a fruit dessert. With that, you can be sure that there’s healthy food on the table.


Get More Sleep Is Vital
Holiday preparations make you busier than usual. For children, some of them may be excited which results in less sleep. However, this doesn’t have to keep you from having sufficient amounts of sleep. It is essential to have enough rest since this keeps your mind and body in its best condition. Also, lack of sleep is linked to weight gain and an increase in appetite. In fact, having insufficient sleep can also cause obesity.


Reduce Stress
Although holidays are fun, these often come with stress and fatigue. When this happens, you may end up not caring about the food you consume. When stressed, people often end up mindlessly reaching for foods that are high in sugar and fat to keep themselves calm. During the holiday season, a lot of people stress out and forget about their daily routines which make maintaining weight difficult. Then once the season is over, it gets more difficult to get back to the routines. Managing stress is also important to stay consistent with your routine. Eat wholesome meals, be physically active, stay hydrated, and practice self-care.

Stay Active and Healthy Walk with Your Friends
Sedentary activities including sitting on the couch and watching TV are some of the common things that families do during the holidays. When these activities are accompanied by eating a lot of food, weight gain is most likely to happen. To prevent this, it’s best to engage in physical activities with your loved ones. Having a simple walk with your little ones or play some fun outdoor games and sports to get your mind off food. This is also a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones since you will be communicating with each other instead of staring at the TV screen.


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