Some Different Kinds of Parenting Styles: Which might be Best for you and your Children

In previous years, people were not yet familiar with the different parenting styles. This is because the idea of defined parenting styles is quite new and has only been discovered in the past two decades. In fact, these also have various effects on how children grow up and how these different styles can influence their behaviour in the future.

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Scientific research usually focuses on four types of parenting techniques. These include the following:

The Permissive Parenting Style
Permissive parenting is when parents fail to discipline their children adequately. They are lenient and only step in when serious problems occur. Permissive parents usually affirm their children’s feelings and refuse to give punishments or consequences. They forgive too easily and do not stick to the consequences they give.

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As a result, children usually struggle academically and exhibit unaccepted behaviour more often because they didn’t have rules and authority. They tend to be sad and have low self-confidence. Since they lack self-control and discipline, there are also higher risks for health problems such as obesity.

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Authoritative Parenting Style
Those who are authoritative towards their children have strict expectations, just like authoritarians. However, the difference between the two is that authoritative parents properly explain why they expect their children to be obedient. Parents who use this parenting style make and explain decisions based on logic and reason. Even if they use consequences for disobedience, they still validate and take consideration of their children’s feelings & opinions. While doing that, authoritative parents make sure that they are still the ones in charge in the family.

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Authoritative parents invest energy and time and use positive discipline which helps prevent behavioural problems from developing. They also reinforce good behaviour through praise, encouragement, or reward system. Research shows that children of authoritative parents tend to be happier and successful in life. They’re also wise when it comes to decision-making and are able to evaluate safety risks by themselves.

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The Authoritarian Parenting
Authoritarian parenting often results in better behaviour among children, but this only lasts for a short span of time. In fact, children of authoritarian parents may exhibit worse behaviour in the long run. Due to the stressful environments they live in, children may lack social skills and are more likely to be involved in bullying.

Authoritarian parents believe that their children should not question them. They emphasize the importance of obedience. Parents who use this style to raise their children always state the phrase, “Because I said so”, as an explanation to their actions and when the children break the rules, they opt for punishment. They believe that as parents, they have the power to command their children.

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Uninvolved Parenting
Uninvolved parenting is similar to the permissive style; they do not enforce rules and do not discipline their children. They also don’t invest the time to give children love, attention, and other basic needs. Uninvolved parents seem like they’re neglecting their children, but not all of them do it intentionally. Sometimes, these parents may have mental health conditions or substance abuse problems, which results in the inability to constantly care for their children. In some instances, uninvolved parents also lack knowledge about raising children and their development. Others are stressed and overwhelmed with work, paying bills, and household management.

Children of uninvolved parents usually struggle with their low self-esteem. Their performance in school tends to be poor and they frequently display unaccepted behaviour. According to research, they also have low levels of happiness.

The Best Parenting Style
Basically, parenting styles are strategies that parents use in raising their children. This is different from parenting practices, which are certain actions that parents do in their role as parents. Even if parents use the same parenting style, they may have different actions on how to execute these strategies, which affects the outcome of children’s behaviour. According to studies, authoritative parenting is the best style to use. If you think that you identify with the other styles, there are things that you can do to be an authoritative parent.

Always remember that no parent is perfect, but you can be the best version of yourself as a parent with enough commitment and dedication. That being said, you can discipline your little ones while maintaining a positive and strong relationship with them.

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