Tips that will defiantly help Keep your Children Safe Online

So as a parent, you must teach your children about online safety while also limiting their use on the internet. It is important that you and your children have open conversations while also letting them know that they can approach you whenever they encounter on line problems.
The Internet is an amazing tool for learning, sharing, communicating, and a lot more. However, it can also be unsafe due to hacking, cyber bullying, and more.


Here are some tips to help keep your children safe when they are online:

Protection and Security is a Must ― Enable Safety Features
A lot of browsers and search engines allow parents to set child safety features; this is to prevent children from accessing sites that they should not see. These settings can be very helpful when it comes to preventing your little ones from accessing any inappropriate content.


Agree on Rules and Boundaries as a Family Together
Set a time limit for how long your children can go online: agree on this limit as a family so everyone can get to use the computer while keeping each other safe. Remember that there are available tools that can help you manage and monitor internet use, as well as have access to all devices. Discuss and come up with rules that will work for the whole family.

Discuss Online Safety with the Family
Ensure that your child knows and understands the dangers they can face online and that they should never give out personal information such as contact numbers and addresses to strangers. Also, make sure that your children know that they should not open any emails and attachments sent by strangers since these may contain viruses. Safety is a must.

Watch and Pay Attention to Your Own Habits
When setting rules for your children and their internet use, you must also follow these same rules religiously. Children will always imitate what their parents do not what they say. They will want to do the same as you so if they see you staying up all night and breaking the rules just to get online they will want to do the same. If you wish to reduce your children’s screen time, you should also do that and set a positive example for them.


Show them How to Create Strong Passwords
Teach your children that they can no longer retrieve private files, photos, posts, and even their account itself once they get hacked. This is the reason why everyone should set strong passwords that are difficult to guess. For passwords to be strong, these must have at least one capital letter, a number, a punctuation mark, and a symbol.

Check Age Ratings
Before you allow your children to gain access to certain games, online websites, and movies, see to it that these are age-appropriate to keep your children safe.

Join Their Social Networks so you Have the Information
If you have children who already have social media accounts, follow or add them as friends; this will allow you to see what they post and who they interact with.


Ensure that Their Anti-malware Works Properly
Antivirus programs must also be updated or it won’t be able to catch the latest malware threats released daily. This would leave gadgets unprotected from the most recent threats and this could happen when your child goes online.

Disable Geo-Location
See to it that the geo-location on your children’s devices are turned off since this unintentionally shows where they are located right at the moment.

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