Be Compassionate and Kind



As parents, it’s your duty to teach and nurture your children to be compassionate and to care about others. Before you can do that, it has to be a value that is instilled by the whole family.


Raising compassionate children is not an easy task and is also not a small success. This is true especially today due to children’s egocentrism, together with the popular culture’s rampant messages of selfishness, indifference, and narcissism. Because of that, you will need additional tools to instil this trait in your little ones.


The best thing about compassion is that it can be taught and expressed in various ways that are easy to understand. Compassion is a wonderful trait that branches out to more good qualities such as generosity, love, sympathy, and kindness, which will all help them in many aspects of their lives. When learning this trait, your little ones will be g helpful, responsive to others’ needs.




Below are different ways that you can teach your little ones to be compassionate:









Practice what you Preach Be Compassionate

Your little ones may listen to what you say, but following your words will always depend on how they see you act. When you have a chance to show any act of compassion, do it. Even when you’re frustrated after an interpersonal interaction, don’t act carelessly; express what you feel, but always show respect for the dignity of the person you’ve interacted with.


Lend a helping hand when you see someone who needs help. Remember that opportunities to show compassion just appear all of a sudden and when there’s a chance, do it. Show your little ones that there is no right time and place for being kind to others.




Surround yourself with Compassionate People

When your children grow, they also start explore on their own and widen their social world and will meet people. Don’t forget to guide them when it comes to choosing their friends and the people they interact with; help them choose people who are kind, supportive, and compassionate. When your little ones spend time with like-minded people, it will be easier for them to instill compassion.



Talk to your Little Ones

As your little ones grow, you can start letting them know what compassion is all about. If you do this, they will understand its importance and why they need to instil this value in their personality. Aside from explaining, it’s also important to show them examples of compassion and what they can do to show compassion, such as being kind to their siblings and helping others.



Show Love to the Elderly

Teach your little ones to respect their elders. Give them the chance to help and spend some time with the old folks who may be lonely. Let them know how the impact of this act of compassion would positively affect a lot of people. Aside from the experience, your children can also learn a lot of new things.




Use the Media

The media today shows children a lot of bad examples such as violence and self-centeredness. It’s difficult and almost impossible to filter everything they see. Instead of not allowing them to use gadgets to prevent their exposure to the media, use these tools to your advantage. Check out stories of compassion and share these with your little ones. Of course, it’s still best to let them use gadgets moderately.







Never Give Up On Them

As mentioned earlier, instilling compassion and care in children is not easy especially when they are less influenced by their parents and start seeing the world from their own perspective. With our troubled world, it’s easy to feel and think that you can no longer make a difference which leads to compassion burnout. Keep in mind that this is one of the challenges you will be facing as a parent and that it’s best to start small.







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