You Can Teach Children about Independence Day

Do your little ones know why we celebrate our country’s independence? They have learned this in school, but it’s still important help them understand and remind them that we celebrate our nation’s birthday and its freedom on this day.   By now, your children may associate the 4th of July with parades, fireworks, barbecue, and[…]

You Can Help Your Children With Self-control

Developing self-control takes a lifetime and it starts at birth and it continues until a person grows into an adult. In fact, it’s an essential life skill that allows one to achieve long-term success. Children can easily instil self-control through guidance from parents & caregivers and by interacting with others. Patience is one major key[…]

Children Should Have An Active Lifestyle

Just like every child, your little ones are probably very busy with school, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be deprived of physical activity. Here are some tips to keep your busy children active: Beside the busy schedule, some changes in interests often occur among school-age children. Not all of them will be[…]

Some Things You Should Know About Halloween

Some people believe that Halloween is the spookiest night every year. It is supposed to be the time when spirits can freely wander the Earth. Others think it is a chance for children to meet new people and wander the neighbourhood unattended for trick-or-treating. While a lot of people look forward to Halloween for the[…]

Help Your Children Be Mindful In Their Lives

According to research, mindfulness is beneficial for children’s brains and it helps improve their behavior. They will also acquire longer attention spans and enjoy better mental health. Mindfulness will also help your family in handling stress. This is why some schools are providing mindfulness programs for the little ones. Schools that teach mindfulness skills are[…]