Making Family Fitness A Priority

Priority Physical activities can be a great way to spend quality time with the family. It’s not only fun, but being physical will it also result in a lot of health benefits. In fact, this won’t appear as a chore especially if you are involved in the activities with your children. Let them contribute ideas to ensure that everything you do will be fun for everyone.

With the rise of obesity among children, we know that our children need to be more active. However, if you want to instil a healthy and active lifestyle in your children’s lives, it is highly important that we, as parents, become good role models who teach little ones healthy habits. Besides this, you should also make physical activities fun and exciting so your children want to be involved because they usually will resist joining activities that seem like chores. As early as possible, make physical activities a family affair so this becomes a normal part of your lives. The sooner you start, the more they will be physically active and the positive cycle will go on as they grow.

Here are some tips for making family fitness more fun:

Go on an Active Holiday Together
Numerous travel destinations allow you to engage in different types of physical activities such as water sports, skiing, and hiking which provide great opportunities for families to get active.
Maybe you can check out a great trail nearby where you can go for a hike. Or you can simply plan out your route to ensure that you get to enjoy nature on the way.
Hiking is not only a chance for you to get moving, but it is also a great time for you to talk and catch up with your family. The bonus in taking an active holiday is that you might find yourself experiencing new things you have never tried. Also this will help you keep and maintain a long-term healthy lifestyle.

The next time you plan a vacation, consider doing many physical activities.

Be Competitive and Social
Physical activities can be more fun for both parents and children if more people are involved. Try organizing scheduled playtime with your neighbors or your children’s classmates. Having other people engaged in your activities helps instill good sportsmanship in your children while allowing them to learn social skills that are vital especially as they grow. Also, remember to encourage them constantly since physical activities are not easy for all. Make physical activity a little competitive and encourage social skills. Both are vital elements to make family fitness more enjoyable.

Get a Family Dog
Another fun way to get everyone in the family moving is to adopt a dog. However, you have to keep in mind that owning a pet is a big responsibility. If you are ready for all this, it will be extremely fun since your furry family member can encourage all of you to engage in more physical activities. According to studies, dog owners and their pets spend around 300 minutes each week going for walks while those who don’t only spend around half the time.

Take Turns in Choosing Activities
Giving each individual a chance to choose what they want is extremely important since everyone has their own likes and preferences. To make your family’s fitness activities more fun, be sure to cater to everyone’s interests. Take turns in choosing the types of fun activities to engage in for the week is a way to ensure that everyone participates and looks forward to these activities.

Try Out Active Video Games
Choose interactive video games such as simulated tennis, basketball, and dancing games to get them moving. So even if they face the screen and use their gadgets, you can be sure that they will be engaged in a physical activity. Plus, these games can also be challenging and exciting especially when the whole family joins in.
Even though it is necessary to track your children’s screen time, you can also consider allowing them to play with their video games if they use these to be physically active.

Play Outdoor Games Great Bonding Time
Playing board games or watching TV together occasionally is fine, but it is not good to spend family nights engaging in sedentary activities. Instead, go outdoors and play games that promote physical activity such as Frisbee, tag, hopscotch, and lawn bowling which are excellent options to encourage your children to exercise. For added fun, encourage your children to play with the Whistlecopter toys.

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