Valentine’s Day Activities that are Fun for the Whole Family

When red and pink hearts begin popping up all over the place, you can easily say that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Have you already thought of some fun activities that your little ones can enjoy for Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time for everyone to celebrate friendship, kindness, and love. There are a lot of things your little ones can do to get involved. Since Valentine’s Day is always on the 14th of February, you have some time to organize and decide how far in advance you’d spread out and schedule each of these activities for your children.

Here are some enjoyable Valentine’s Day activities for your family:

Valentine's Cake Pops

Work on Crafts and Enhance Creativity

Valentine’s Day is a great time for crafts. So encourage your little ones to create their own Valentine’s Day cards, as well as decorations that can be displayed in your home for the occasion. If your little ones need ideas to know what to create, you can also search for Valentine’s Day crafts online. If they need a break they can always play with the Original Copter and get some needed exercise while having fun!

Valentine's Day Crafts


Baking Sweets Can be Fun
On Valentine’s Day, food is one of the things that is always present for everyone to enjoy.  Just like other special times of the year Valentine’s Day is always noted for sweets! Baking is a great activity for your little ones who love helping out in the kitchen. You can even browse online for a variety of Valentine’s Day recipes that your little ones can make during the celebration.

Game of Bingo

Give Friendship Bracelets To Friends
Due to religious reasons, people from certain areas are unable to celebrate Valentine’s Day. So if you are one of these people, you can just encourage your little ones to celebrate their bond with their friends by creating friendship bracelets and writing letters. On February 14, have your little ones dress in pink and red clothes. Then let them hand their gifts to their friends.

Friendship Bracelets

Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt for Family and Friends

For a lot of fun, challenge your little ones and their friends by preparing a scavenger hunt. You can make them search for cut-out hearts, chocolates, goodies, or treasures; there is a wide variety of scavenger hunt ideas for your children this Valentine’s Day.


Post-It Notes

Send Notes of Kindness

As mentioned earlier, Valentine’s Day is another time to express kindness to one another. On this day, you can invite your children’s friends over and have them write their names on small pieces of paper. Then collect the pieces of paper with the names in a jar for each of them to pick one later.  When they pick out a name, have them write a short message of kindness to this person that tells all the things they like about them. After writing, let the children hand it to their chosen individual. After the activity, you can encourage the little ones to either post the notes on a bulletin board in your home, or to create a kindness tree and use clothespins to clip each of the notes to the tree.

Chocolate Hearts

Valentine’s Day Bingo

This Valentine’s Day, have your children and their friends from the neighbourhood play a game of bingo and make this activity more fun by also using candy hearts. Before starting the game, give each of your children a blank bingo card, then instruct them to write the following words in any order they wish: “love”, “hugs”, “hearts”, “best friends”, “cutie”, “2 cute”, and “be mine”. The mechanics will be similar to a normal game of bingo, except that you will need to use the words written on the candy hearts instead of numbers. The first one to get three words in a row will yell “Valentine’s!” and that person wins the game.

Lady & the Tramp

Valentine’s Day Story Time
Their are quite a lot of Valentine’s Day-themed children’s books today. Your little ones will  have fun as they read and learn at the same time. Some Valentine’s Day-themed picture books that they will definitely love include “Llama Llama I Love You” and “Love From the Very Hungry Caterpillar“. You can also let them read nonfiction books that will help them learn more about Valentine’s Day.


Children's Books


Movie Time with Popcorn and other Snacks 

Bring out the pillows and blankets ― if you have pink and red ones, as well as heart-shaped pillows, these would be better for your little ones to feel the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Let them get comfortable as they watch some Disney classics such as The Little Mermaid or Lady and the Tramp; these are some of the favourite Valentine’s Day films for children.

Nemo Dory Bubble Guns

Play Outdoors As a Family with the Original Copter or Bubble Guns

Because Valentine’s Day is also a time for friendship and love, you can encourage your children and their friends to get active outdoors while playing with the Whistlecopter toys such as their Nemo Dory Bubble Guns which come in two colors – blue and peach. These Bubble Guns feature four bright LED lights that flash when you shoot bubbles. Additionally, the LED Bubble Gun comes with high-quality batteries and two bottles of bubbles if you need to replace the one in the toy. Or they can play with Original Copter from Whistlecopter !


For Valentine's Day

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Whistlecopter LED Balloons

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